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Dive into domain services that prioritize your privacy, security, and convenience. Enjoy free domain privacy, unbreakable security with domain lock, and simple DNS management. Our suite ensures a robust and private online presence, supported by expert guidance. Transform your domain experience with us.

Free Domain Privacy

Enjoy peace of mind with our free Domain Privacy protection. Keep your personal information safe from public view without any extra charges, ensuring your privacy and security online.

Ironclad Domain Lock

Secure your online identity with our Domain Lock feature, which prevents unauthorized domain transfers. Rest easy knowing your domain is shielded against unsolicited third-party access.

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Our friendly support team is available by phone, live chat, email and WhatsApp to help you with any questions you may have about domain names.

Effortless DNS & Subdomain Setup

Take full command of your DNS, creating endless subdomains and setting up email effortlessly. Enjoy swift site access for visitors, optimizing navigation and performance.

Auto-Renewal Security

Ensure your domain never lapses with Auto-Renewal Security. Your domain automatically renews, keeping your site active and your brand secure.

Streamlined Domain Transfer

Transfer domains effortlessly with our service. Experience a seamless transition and instant feature access, with no downtime. Learn more about the transfer process.

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Whether you're starting fresh or bringing an existing domain, bundle it with our WordPress hosting Growth plan or higher to unlock your free domain. Simplify your online journey with us.

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Check our Domain Pricing for clear, upfront costs on various TLDs. Make informed decisions for your online journey with ease. Don't see the TLD you want? Contact support!

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Explore our FAQs for essential insights on free domains, DNS management, and more. Quick, helpful guidance to enhance your online presence awaits.

How do I get a free domain name?

Get your free domain name by bundling it with our WordPress Growth or WordPress Plus hosting package. It's a simple way to start your online presence with us, providing both savings and streamlined service.

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